#PoetryMonth – @Tashtoo shares a new poem

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Do you want more poetry to read? I’m guessing the answer is a big YES. You did click on a Poetry Month link after all. And that’s what you’re getting on today’s post: a brand new poem from Natasha Head!

I’ve known Natasha for a few years now and like what I’m trying to do with Poetry Month, she does 24/7. This event is to help spread poetry to as many people as I can. And there’s a hope that it’ll keep spreading and people will keep reading. Well, Natasha Head is a huge advocate for getting poetry into everyone’s life. You’ll see poetry all over her social media and for me it’s often a daily reminder to take a minute out of the day to read something new, something to reach inside the reader and touch them, something that’ll have a lasting effect.

This poem, Tapestry, is only a…

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